2x Radeon 6950 What am I doing wrong?

Ok, So I'm done building my PC, I've got all my parts in. Except my two 6950's...

I'm not sure what the problem is, but when I'm running from the onboard video and when the 2x6950's are out. I can load up the screen fine. But when the 2 6950's are in, I can't load up the screen at all. I just get black, and it doesn't matter which slots i use to connect to the monitor. I tried using one only, I still get nothing. :(

I tried going over the guide on that came with the cards but the few pictures aren't that much help for troubleshooting.

So any idea if I'm forgetting anything?

edit: Nvm tried one again, and its working now for some reason. I'll update this if i find out more
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    Did you disable the onboard video card in the bios ?Do you have pci-e 2.0 slots? Is your psu good enough? Have you installed the latest drivers? These can all solve the issue.
  2. 1) Haven't disabled the onboard video card
    2) yes? (board is asus p8z68-v pro)
    3) installing them now
  3. Mute20 is right.
    Disable and install updates.
  4. do i put both crossfire bridge connectors?
  5. You just put 1 as the extra bridges are for tri sli/quad.
  6. haha thank you guys!

    disabling the video card did the trick, you have no idea how scared i was. =s
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