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Conflicting temps with Realtemp/Intel Desktop Utilities

Mind you I have nothing overclocked, in advance.

Within the last two weeks I upgraded my machine to an intel i7-2700k (with its joke of a stock cooler, smallest I've ever seen) and an intel DP67BG motherboard. I purchased a Corsair H60 hydro cooler and threw on an extra 120mm fan to put it in a push pull configuration.

I set my BIOS temperature thresholds to give me an alert when it reached 87 Degrees (which I would hope I would never reach with an h60). When I was playing an old computer game (KoTOR) I noticed the fan speeds kick up (as I set it to do if it ever reached 74 degrees). I noticed that my temps were really high in Intel Desktop Utilities so I decided to do some tinkering. I loosened the screws on the h60 a little bit because I thought I might have overtightened them. I then went into the BIOS and set the minimum duty cycle percentage to the fans from 20/30 up to 40/40. Since then the temperatures in Intel Desktop Utilities show around 32-35 degrees on idle while RealTemps shows them to between 20-25 ish.

The temperatures were like that prior to my loosening the screws as well. When I ran prime95 I quickly got my 87 degree warning (which did not occur earlier in the week after I first installed the cooler, it never broke 72 degrees then). But even when it was getting close Real Temps showed the cpu temp to be much lower. After toying with the fan speed minimums, Intel Desktop Utilities runs prime95 (small ffts) around 52 C, while real temp shows around 42 C. I'm trying to figure out which one is reliable and looking for any advice at this point.
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    The Bios temps would probably be most reliable.
  2. rds1220 said:
    The Bios temps would probably be most reliable.

    That's what I figured, but early in the week the two were almost identical readings.
  3. Figured it out. When I went to redownload realtemps I downloaded an older version. I went and got the newest version and now the readings are the same.
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