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I am assembling hardware for my new computer buid. So far 1 i73960x extreme edition 15 mg cache 3.30gh. I will get 2 maybe one or two steps down from the newest nvidia gpu 550,560? I don't know. I need advice. I want top (mass market top) quality throughout. 1000 watt psu at least I suppose but who makes the great ones. Usually price is an indicator. I run 8gigs of those two gig sticks of Dominator ram which seems great. is it? What I have is an Alienware Area 51 that grows old purchased 1/24/2008. I can use my two part Creative Fatality Championship series sound card I trust. I added it about 16 months ago and I have almost 2 terrabytes worth of memory in three internal hard drives I could use. Could my 450 nvidia gpu {PNY-sorry} work as a phisics processor? Does Intel make motherboards. Who makes the great ones? I am nervous about liquid cooling. I know next to nothing about it. Would it be necessary? I suppose I will end up reading countless reviews. I want good solid stuff and I will not pay to have it built. I dont know why you would give me any advice you don't know me but here goes.
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  1. I would skip the water cooling unless you've been building for awhile. You need to list a budget and I would also select a vender and list it. I use newegg, but you may not be able to order from them.
  2. If your spending that much on a cpu I would make sure you spend a nice wedge on a SSD for the boot drive.
  3. If you want a 6 core why to spend 1000$ ,when you can spend 500 $ on a 3930k. If you have the top market it doesn't mean you will have more performance than a medium-high end PC. Why to buy Intel motherboard ? Everybody know's they Intel ( motherboards ) sucks. What you are doing with that PC ? If is for gaming i can bet on somebody with i5 2400 and a 570gtx will have more FPS in games than your 3960x and 560. My advice is to ask the people to help you to make a good PC, you just tell the budget ,for what it that PC ( games,surfing net, programing ,3D ) and the parts what you allready have. You will get the best advices.
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