Extreme 4 Z77 keeps randomly rebooting

Im coming here hoping somebody can resolve my issue. I just put together my new system which consists of:
MSI Radeon7770 1gb PCIe 3.0
8gb RAM (that shows to be compatible on the website)
128gb SSD
620w PSU

The problem im having is after install everything was fine. Then I installed some drivers and it would randomly restart on me. So then I went ahead and wiped out that install and reinstalled win7. It ran fine again without doing a random restart so i tried drivers one at a time and started running into the problem again.

the bios currently installed on it is 1.8
do I need to update the bios to the new version or is something beyond that?

Thank you
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  1. If there is a bios update then yes of course you need to update the bios also when installing the drivers your getting the latest ones from online correct if not try doing that and not using any cd that came with the software it's drivers might already be out dated
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