Planning to purchase 32gb of ram! ASAP

Got a i7 3770k, with a ASRock Z77 Professional Board. Planning to purchase but not sure, need fast feed as I really wanna purchase asap so I can get it before I gotta work again.

Need help on which mobo I should get also, I need a dual band for extra network activity for my VM's.
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  1. That board should be fine.
  2. Alrighty, thanks, what about the ram?

    I noticed the board has a repetition of overclocking ram easily. Me buying a 1600mhz wouldnt help with that would it considering its low?
  3. amuffin said:
    That board should be fine.

    Thats good :), got any suggestions for ram?
  4. Any ram should work.
  5. HyperX RAM should be good. Had three sets (2 x 2 GB than added another identical set on AMD system, now running 4x4 GB on i5). Always been able to run them at better settings than they are rated to with 0 problems.
  6. Ok, well a indian guy from india switched my mind. Getting

    I have rip jawz on this build (i7 2600k) with asus p7z66 v-pro mobo, running at 4.5ghz, and 2133mhz on the ram (4x4gb). been good for a year and a half now..
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