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I asked a question about motherboards on a previous post which is now solved - and not knowing how solved posts work I'll just go ahead and make another.

I recieved a nice answer on that one, but if I were to spend about $30 more - what would you guys choose between:

AsRock H77-PRO4-MVP (What's the MVP mean?) - $98


GA-H77-DH3 - $108

Is the gigabyte board worth going with for a meagre extra $10? This'll be used for things like BF3 and would like some longevity in it's life. I heard something about the AsRock having a very thin PCB which may affect it's life-span? Mind you, no overclocing will be done since an i5 3470 will be added.
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  1. The ASRock board is larger and has more USB ports (which I find important) - it would be my choice.
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