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Can a failed choke damage the PSU?

September 24, 2012 7:34:11 AM

From what I read here:

I came to the conclusion that it is possible for a failed choke (inductor) in the motherboard VRM to cause a PSU to get damaged, so also fail. Is that correct?

It seems to me that a high quality PSU would protect itself from damage, or is this not possible in this kind of scenario?

I inspected a MB from one of my computers today, and discovered a cracked choke (inductor) on it. It had shut down the other day, with a smell of burned electronics that I traced to the PSU (that's clearly where the smell was coming from). I've replaced the PSU, but haven't been able to boot. (On first start-up attempt the system shut itself down immediately, on the second the case fans and some lights on the MB came on, no boot, no beep, nothing. I tried various things to see if it was a component besides the MB and came to the conclusion that the PSU had damaged the MB - or vice versa.)

How likely is it that the failed MB damaged my original PSU instead of the other way around, and how likely is it that my new PSU was damaged the first time I tried to turn on the computer?