Office systems, approx $500 budget

Lookin to setup 3 almost identical systems for an office, $500 price range, data entry with multiple memory intensive programs running on dual monitor. One system is doubling as the server for the main program (WinTotal, appraisal software that at times can be very cpu/memory heavy) and the man wants it a bit beefier. (Was planning to add 2x the memory, as the cpu should be overkill already) Their current systems are occassionally bogged down by terrible processing/loading lag, however they are older (5...ish year old) systems. Should be able to scrape by with the onboard video, as the systems will not be used for gaming.

Vid card: Onboard
$493, including $15 shipping. Also, since there will be 3x everything purchased, NOT counting rebates. (Not that they are ever received, anyways...)
OS: Have 1 win7 ult, 3 home premium licenses for use

Case was chosen as space is at a premium at one desk, its cheap, and I've used that one with success in a prior build for my wife. Possible alternatives for the 'main' system, as that one is able to be budgeted at up to $600

Been looking at the best config polls, and newegg till my brain turned to puddy... Appreciate any tweaks/compatability issues/etc that you guys can see, as I'm now well past the burned out stage and this, like everything else, needs to be done by yesterday.

Purchasing off Newegg or Amazon(Have prime for the 2day shipping)
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  1. I actually looked at that one, but the inclusion of yet another windows 7 license killed the appeal. There are currently 4 licenses for 3 systems, so the $55 combo savings is lost to the added $99 for the os.
  2. with a mix of other combos, you can get that down to about $350 without windows
  3. if you dont get a combo, what is your current choice of cpu? i didnt see it and an AMD might be perfect because they usually have very goo donboard video, and are cheap for reasonable performance, my grand parents had 2 custom office computers with xp running on AMD 64 dual core cpus and are both still running fairly well. (other than that they wer eunder desks so one was just FILLED with dust and other crap you really dont want in there. anyway, would getting a small ssd be any option or use? and, you may not even need 8gb RAM, 6gb is usually more than enough even if you were using these computers for gaming.
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  5. Seems I didn't link it with the rest of the hardware, the cpu was:

    ScrewySqrl said:

    Both Combos are the same, but after a bit of digging I found it. Total on that after shipping was $392.

    Ended up using:
    AMS A8 + AS Rock A75M mobo: $201.98

    LITE-ON DVD Burner $17.99

    CORSAIR 500W + Seagate 500GB $84.98 -$6.00(promo code)

    Gskill 8 GB DDR-1600 CAS 9: $39.99

    APEX TX-381-C Black Steel Micro ATX Tower Computer Case $32.99

    - $6.00 (promo)
    +$16.76 shipping
    $386.69 each after shipping, not counting $10 MiR (Since only one of the three can be used.)

    Would have liked to save the $7/ea on the case, but the usb up top is too damn nice for how they'll be positioned.
    Ended up blending the two together, as I rather like the Corsair PSU over antec. Also had a promo code for additional $6 off the psu.

    Thanks heaps for the help, not sure how I missed that combo as I had the exact same cpu pulled up and in the cart at one point in time.
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  7. good luck and enjoy.
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