Installing new graphics card in old pc.....

hi guys,
i have a gigabyte mobo and it has ati hd 3200(256mb) inbuilt. my mobo cd's vga driver runs the inbuilt graphics. now i hav bought a new graphics card.

do i need to uninstall the vga driver first then install the new cards driver??

or i can directly install the new cards driver??

or i need to format my hard disk then install the new card driver without installing the vga driver??
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  1. Uninstall driver will do for large majority of time.
  2. assuming your running would be a good idea to uninstall your current driver (windows will revert to its stock driver) download the newest driver directly from nvidia or amd (depending on what card you buy) unzip if compressed and run the setup express install and just keep clickin next or ok and it'll almost do it itself

    good luck
  3. if I were you, I'd definately remove the old display driver. be careful not to uninstall your chipset driver tho. after you uninstall, you should use driver cleaner pro to remove everything else associated with the HD3200. turn your computer off, install your new video card, then install new video card drivers.
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