Will these memory sticks work together?

I don't have a very good budget at the moment and i was thinking about upgrading from 4gbs of RAM to at least 6gbs, unfortunately i don't have the luxury of going for DDR3 as my motherboard doesn't support it. I've found a few sellers on Ebay who sell my current RAM for around £40 second hand.

I came across these and was wondering if they would work together:
My current RAM (2x2gb) http://www.ocztechnology.com/ocz-ddr2-pc2-6400-gold-gx-xtc-dual-channel-eol.html
The RAM i'm looking at (2x1gb): http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/memory-pc/ddr2-pc2-6400/800mhz/ram-801gb.html

As far as i am aware, mixing RAM is generally a bad thought but they seem to be almost identical except for size. Any thoughts from you smart people?
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  1. Anyone? Don't want to spend my money and find they are completely incompatible >.<
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