CPU Temperature fluctuations


My setup is:

Intel i7 @ 3.4ghz
8 Gb RAM
Corsair 750 watt power supply
Radeon HD 6770
1 TB Hard Drive
ASUS motherboard
(the computer is an Asus CM6850-07 desktop, I installed the power supply and graphics card seperately)

I'm concerned because when monitoring my CPU temperature with apps such as Core Temp or ASUS Probe II, I am seeing rapid (basically every second) temperature changes in my CPU cores which range from 1 degree C to almost 10 degrees C. This is occurring even when the computer is idle. The fluctuations are not always that drastic, and usually range between 2-5 degrees C. If I had to guess an average temperature, it would be around 40 degrees celsius. The highest it reaches when idle is around 44 degrees, the lowest is 33 degrees. Also, at certain times (mainly when using a program or doing something on the computer) certain processors will record different temperatures than the others. Is it normal for these temperatures to be changing so rapidly even when the computer is idle?

Basically what I am trying to ask here is, should my CPU temps when idle stay pretty much constant, or is this type of fluctuation acceptable?

EDIT: When monitoring temperatures using the ASUS Probe II in the AI Suite, I've noticed the temperature fluctuations are not nearly as drastic as those shown on Core Temp. In ASUS Probe the largest change is usually only between 37 degrees C and 42 degrees C, it rarely strays far beyond those temperatures. These readings appear much more stable than the almost 10 degrees C fluctuations I am seeing in Core Temp. Could it be that Core Temp just isn't reading my temperatures properly?
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  1. ummm 44 is WELL within safe range, how hot does it get when gaming?
  2. i'm not concerned with the possibilty of it overheating, I'm aware these temperatures are within an acceptable range. I'm more worried about the fact that these rapid, constant fluctuations in temperature (even at idle) are a sign that either my fans or processors are not functioning properly.
  3. have you tried reseating the heatsink? I would recommend removing, reapplying thermal compound of your choice, and reinstalling the heatsink.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Is there a danger of harm to my computer if I don't do that anytime soon? Do these rapid temperature changes actually damage the processors over time? I've had the computer for about 4 months now, but only started monitoring the temperatures a few days ago so I'm not sure if this is how its always been. No issues other than this, so should I even be that concerned?
  5. use latest version of your monitoring software
    also try hwinfo32
    and use only one monitoring tool

    it seems a software problem
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