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Could some one please list some cheap pc towers that i could fit the asus Maximus V formula. seems that i can fit in mid towers but i want to be sure

Thanx in advance

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  1. There is no cheap case and why would you put a $300 motherboard in a cheap case not a good idea imo here is a case that will work Case:COOLER MASTER HAF XM RC-922XM-KKN1 Black Mesh, Plastic, Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
  2. It won't fit without modding the cases i don't think please give me a link to the motherboard i want to check if i am thinking of the correct one
  3. emperor piehead said:
    That is the motherboard i was thinking of yeah it won't fit those other cases the problem is OP wants a cheaper case i assume by the cases OP inquired about $50 -$70 range is what OP is hoping for i don't think it's possible though to get a good case that will work with that mobo for that price do you ?
  4. no not really e-atx is a premium on cases
  5. just found $40 e-atx case but can't say its great never had a case from azza but here you go

  6. thanks for this input

    Its just that the its not a full E-atx its only 12 inch x 10.1 inch ( 30.5 cm x 25.7 cm ) compared to 305 × 330 (full E atx)

    so i was wondering if i could get it in a better value for money ATX case. its only 1.3 centimeters longer but since i have never done a homebuild before i want some good advice.. ill take a look at this case above and try and find some reviews, any other advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hmmm... after reading the specs seems your correct very odd it's listed as full E-atx must mean they skimped somewhere during the making of the motherboard tisk...tisk...Dam shame i love Asus i will be looking into this further and report back in a few days i am going out of town tonight and won't be back till the 5th.Hopefully someone can help before then good luck!
  8. thanks for the help so far..i just need to solve this case issue and i should be able to start the build.

    thanx again

    This may be the case found by emperor piehead but can't be sure because his link just goes to Newegg and not a specific page but the product number matches. This case will fit XL-Atx , E-Atx and regular Atx so there is no question that it will fit that MB.
    Are you looking for something specific in a case or just to fit the MB?
  10. I think that once a board goes to 12"x 10" it get's classified as an extended Atx and while it's only just barely into the EX-Atx classification it's still in that classification. So you may run into a problem with the screw holes on the board if you try to get a Atx case and the screw holes on the MB are set up for EX-Atx. By getting a case that will accomodate EX-Atx then it will have the screw holes for both Atx and EX-Atx.
    The two cases you linked on the first page would not work because they are for Atx only.
  11. Thanks for coming to help inzone. I am confused on this one. At first my thoughts were why someone would buy that kind of motherboard and want to put it in a $60-$70 case but to each their own.And that's beside the point of why I asked you to come help.I couldn't figure out if a standard atx case would be compatible.Thanks for confirming it.
  12. Hey bigcyco1 just take the blue pill and free your mind. LOL
  13. LMAO! :lol:
  14. thanx guys
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