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AMD Catalyst Control Center Problem

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 13, 2011 1:52:16 AM

I recently downloaded AMD's newer graphics driver from 11.5b(back when it was ATI) to 11.6 from AMD. I wasn't having any problems at all until this new 11.6 update, but now my games crash all the time on settings that previously were fine. Also, I finding myself to have to move my mouse until CCC loads on windows boot up (XP 32-bit SP3) and when it does the screen flashes black then comes back up in less than a second. When I don't move my mouse at all, the screen goes black and my monitors power light goes from solid blue to blinking, indicating there is no signal found. I have found that this doesn't happen when I have the CCC set to complete stock settings, including overdrive. My current GPU is an ATi HD4670 from back in 2006. I have tried reinstalling the 11.5b graphics driver pack, but now that one does the same thing from 11.6, and it never did before and I had custom settings in CCC as well, in 3D and OC'd at 765 and 1135. Even though it is not too much of a bother to have to move my mouse around until CCC loads up on windows for about 10 seconds, I would just like to know if anyone else has this problem or has found a solution to this. I should also mention at first when I installed the 11.6 graphics driver pack, there was no options available in CCC except for video(movies and what not) and monitor settings(setting display resolutions, color bit-rate, etc.), no 3D or overclocking options, or VPU recover. I deleted all graphics drivers and reinstalled 11.5b, then waited for a while as it was working fine, then the problem I described above started to happen, at first I thought it was a virus, then I noticed CCC was not loading up in the task manager bar on the bottom of the screen, then I thought, lets move my mouse so that something would be happening on screen, and it worked. I tried to install 11.6 again, and CCC was full of the options from 11.5b this time, but the problem still persisted. Hope that I wasn't too confusing or babbled too much...
a c 330 À AMD
July 13, 2011 1:30:44 PM

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