High Temp Idle, Low Temp 100% usage

So, I downloaded speed fan just so I could see the temp on my new computer...
The CPU is an i5 2500k. So, my computer is idling at 83 C...which is high....I have a liquid cooling system on it
with two fans on my radiator (this was through ibuypower).
I decided to stress test, so I downloaded Prime95 and stress tested and observed my temperature...
it went down to 35 C only during the stress test and went back up to 83 C afterwards.....Can someone explain this to me...and is there a way to fix my idle temp?

Whenever my CPU usage increases..my temperature decreases
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  1. may be a software problem
    try hwmoniter, hwinfo32, pcwizard, realtemp etc to check temps
    also use only updated, non beta software as older softwares less precise on newer hardware
  2. +1 try different monitoring software and check the temp in the bios
  3. I just checked the temp in the bios and the bios indicates that the processor is at 25 C, both CPUID and SpeedFan are giving me the high CPUTIN readings, on Speedfan and CPUID each individual core is 20 C
  4. Looks OK then just ignore speed fan
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