I have a new Asus desktop computer and wish to fit a firewire card that was in m old machine. The firewire card isa Mercury KOB 194-SN31, afiewire 1394 controllercard.
Does anyone know if this is compatable with the P8H61-M PRO/CM6630/DP_MB motherboard
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  1. Thank you. I wanted the firewire card to use with my camcorder and pinnacle studio softwre but if there could be a problem (brand new computer running 64 bit) then I might be safer going for a USB video grabber system.
    I am glad for what you told me as I opened up the computer and fitting my card did not seem right.
  2. my computer has both USB2 nd USB3 but I doubt if the capturedevice and cables would enable me to gt the optimum speed from USB3.
    Thanks again
  3. Correct - If your 'device' (e.g. camcorder) is USB 3.0, most are not, then sure USB 3.0. However, 'interface' and the 'device' actual R/W speeds are worlds apart. You're limited by the slowest component.
  4. Thank you; I still have to look and buy a reasonably priced USB video grabber Most of them come with ll the cables but I do not need these or the software as I have Pinnacle Stuio.
    At leat I know where I am going now.
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