PC boots, but screen stays black

hey guys,
lately my pc has been crashing regularly at the evening(blue screen of death),but today it has crashed and didnt restart.
i connected it to the built in mobo video card and it seems to work fine.
with my vid card(GTX460)the pc boots(i hear the startup sound from the speakers),but no display.
i have this pc for 5 months and it hasnt bothered me with such problems up until last week.
i've tried looking around the forum but found nothing similar.
-Phenom II x4 Quad Core 955
-seaSonic 500W 80+ Bronze Active PFC 12cm Fan PSU SS-500ET
whats the prob?
thanks in advance!!
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  1. Well it sounds like your video card. Blue screens could mean the driver somehow got corrupted or the hardware on the card is failing. If you remove the card and plug your monitor into the onboard video out, does it work fine then? Try putting the video card in another system if possible.
  2. Yes try video card elsware. My son has this exact same setup and problem but it ended up being the motherboard.

  3. Well somehow it works fine with the graphic card,but now the Pc is crashing(blue screen) after windows is loaded up to desktop.(with the gtx460 connected).
    Crashes a few minutes after it shows desktop and loads programs.
    Safe mode works fine.
    What might be the issue?
  4. If safe mode works, but a regular boot shows a BSOD, that sounds like a driver issue. Try completely removing graphics card drivers and reinstalling the latest ones.
  5. TY! i have re-installed the drivers and it works fine.
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