Should my phenom ii 840 be running at 1.42V? (stock clocks)

I have seen other people talk about overclocking theres and upping the voltage to 1.35, which is well below what my voltage is set to when i have the vcore set to auto in the bios. I have tried manually lowering the voltage, even at 1.4V my pc becomes unstable.

Here is my rig

asus gtx 560ti

neo eco 520c psu

asrock 880g-le micro mobo

phenom ii 840 quad

kingston 4gb ram stick

CM hyper tx3 cpu cooler

I want to overclock my cpu eventually so i am concerned its already at the higher spectrum of voltage.
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  1. I would drop your ram setting a notch and use the default voltage for overclocking the cpu. If your ram is 1333, drop it in manual mode to 1066 before you increase the cpu fsb. That might be your best way to overclock. Some cpus don't overclock well; it's not guaranteed. If your temps under load are less then 65c, then you'll be fine.
  2. AMD specs say anywhere form 0.85 - 1.4v depending on load on CPU.

    The one in my server is various from 0.81 - 1.37v.

    Another factor is the power regulation of the motherboard, cheaper boards normally have higher fluctuations.

    As for o/c, keep it under 1.45v and 60c, may get up as far as 3.8GHz depending on cooling.
  3. thanks a lot guys will give it a shot
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