SSD Not reconized on reboot

I keep etting an inturrupt error on my Mavel 91xx mass storage driver on my asus mius IV Exteme Z LGA1155 mobo....when this happens, the PC wont recognize the SSD drive attached to it, so the PC will not do i fix this error?
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  1. The Marvell SATA are for data only, much slower with added latency compared to the Intel SATA ports. SSD - use the Intel SATA3 ports (red; 2nd pair from top).
  2. I checked earlier and the sata/blu ray writer are connected to the intel sata adapter....and it still wont restart aftera crash...:( does not recognize the SSD...:(
  3. What's on what exact SATA ports?

    If you moved your boot drive around then it might be an IDE/AHCI issue, so in the BIOS after (F5) Load Optimized Defaults change the Intel SATA -> IDE and see if it boot then. Otherwise boot off your ODD (BR), if possible, pressing (F8) to select the BR and run the 'Startup Repair' ; see -

    You can make a bootable USB Flash Drive; see -
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