Windows 98 SE locks upon booting to safe mode

I have a pc here that has windows 98SE and 512 MB ram. It will boot normally, and with no problems...but when I try to boot to safe mode, I get to the desktop and get a little window that says booted into safe mode. Up to this point, it boots ok then the hard drive light stays on and the pc locks up. I cannot even ctrl-alt-del to reboot. I have to physically restart the pc. I have no issues in my device manager.
Any ideas?

Down at pants n at wit Donnie Iris
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  1. why are you going into safe mode? I think that you will need to reformat drive and do clean istall because their is a corrupted file some where
  2. The pc is not automaticlly booting me into safe mode, I am trying to get in there to verify that some of my old vid and sound card drivers were uninstalled...

    Down at pants n at wit Donnie Iris
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