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I didn't now where else to post this... but since I'm running on Windows 7... what the hell. Here goes...
I'm trying to upload some HD footage to youtube. The videos record in HD fine (I'm using FRAPS on a 1920x1080 resolution)... but when I encode (to 1280x720) and upload to youtube, it gives the "HD" option during playback but the problem is... the footage doesn't even look HD. I've tried many tutorials, but all of them have failed.

So I was wondering if you guys could let me know which settings to use (I'm using Sony Vegas) when encoding?

Here's some of the footage I uploaded:
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  1. just remember, while youtube may be HD, it doesn't have a very high bitrate compared to HDTV, or Bluray. So don't expect that kind of quality

    YoutubeHD averages 2mpbs while BluRay is 40.0Mbps & HDTV is around 17 Mpbps
  2. Yeah I know that.

    I was comparing my footage to other people's footage... and the quality on my vids are quite poor in comparison.
  3. Its probably because the original came from fraps?
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