Does this motherboard even exist?!

Hey guys, I'm 16. I'm still a learner.
I would like to Know if this motherboard "IPIS8-CH2" exists.
And if it does would it be compatible with ASUS NVIDIA GTX550 TI PCI-E Graphics Card - 1GB?

Please for replay.
I really need help, I wanna buy the new graphics card.

Regards Michael
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  1. Please I really need help! I need a fast answer !
  2. I did that and it doesn't tell me if is compatible with GTX 550 Ti
  3. Do you have a PCI-E x16 slot that's free? If so, then it's compatible. You'll need to take a look at all the slots available on your board, PCI-E x16 is the slot that any newer GPU's use.
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