Best graphics card upgrade for me

My system is:
i7-950 overclocked to 3.8
Asus Sabertooth x58
6 GB Corsair Dominator 1600
EVGA GTX 470 running at 750 core 1500 shader 1700 memory
300 gig raptor
Monitors native resolutions is 1920 x 1080

I'm trying to up my performance in Crysis 2 so i can play on max setting but find specifically i cant push post processing, shaders, or shadows to ultra from extreme without dipping to low in performance just barely im dropping to about 25 fps.

Would grabbing a 2nd 470 and throwing it in sli be a good cheap way to fix that. Or do I need to go to the 500 series.

I'm operating with a budget of around 300 bucks to get the rest of the way there.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  1. With the new DX11 patch that Crysis 2 just got, running everything on max settings definitly will tear any system apart. Therefore, your best option, while a noise, hot and power hungry one, is to get another 470 and sli them.

    the GTX 570 for around $300 is not going to give you a big performance increase, it will end up being the same that you have now pretty much. Therefore your best bet by far is to get another 470 and sli those monsters. Be sure, however, that you have a good power supply (750w+ will do) and lots of airflow to keep them cool.
  2. Alright thank you very much. I have a 750 currently and am running the rig in a haf x case with an additional top fan. I also keep the room it runs in around 68 degrees. :)
  3. Oh nice! Well then you shouldn't have much of a problem at all running these in SLI. You definitely have plenty of room in your case with awesome airflow. What brand is your PSU? Provided that it is a quality brand, you would see very good results from SLI 470's. It might get a bit loud though >.<
  4. Two 470s will give you framerates listed in this SLI review:

    That will be a great setup. Just make sure your PSU meets the 2-way 470 in SLI power requirement:
  5. I have a corsair 750 x i think
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