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Old CPU, New GPU

Some background:
I'm helping out a friend with a new build he is doing sometime in 2012. In the meantime, I found recertified GTX460 1gb on for only $95, so I got him to grab two of them to be used in SLI in his future build.

Back on topic - while he is saving money for his build, I recommended he use one of the 460's in his old computer - Acer Aspire T180 (Athlon64 X2 3800+). He grabbed a ($15) cheap 450W PSU and 2 more gigs of ddr2 ram ($10ea) as well.
Obviously the CPU is gonna hold back the 460, but at least he'll have something to use for the next 6-8 months while he saves up. His monitor will be at 720p (plazma TV). My temporary goal for him is to run current games with reduced settings, ANY chance he will be able to run BF3?
Any opinions or has anyone done any current gaming on this old CPU - it's one of the first dual core cpu's around i think (slot 939 btw).
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    A dual core CPU with a GTX 460 should be able to play BF3, although as you said, at reduced settings. You should be able to play comfortably in low-medium details. The GTX 460 is a fairly good card! The only limiting factor would be the CPU. The game should most certainly be playable though.
  2. I wouldn't trust a $15 PSU to power a GTX460.
  3. That Athlon X2 is below minimum spec to run BF3, and well below the recommended. Single player runs fine on a decent dual core such as a faster Core2Duo or Phenom II X2, but online multiplayer requires a good quad core for smooth frame rates.
  4. Darn that PSU is gonna be a problem from the look of it, now that I look closer... Has only 16amps on 12V rails, I read nvidia recommends 24amps on 12V rails for the gtx460.
    This is the PSU:
    Now I'm wondering his 250W that came with his Acer system is really any worse...
    Looks like a waste on the PSU...
  5. Exactly. Single 16A rail, it says 330W PSU. It also doesn't have any of the two 6pin PCIe connecters you'd need for a single GTX460, let alone the four of them you'd need for an SLI setup. One sata power plug and $12 SHIPPING??? In a word, junk. Please don't attempt to power his system with that PSU.
  6. was only looking to power up 1 card, not SLI... regardless, junk... I was in a hurry and just grabbed a cheap PSU that had the minimum wattage, he couldn't afford anything decend so I was hoping it would do the job until his future build in 2012, but it looks like that PSU would put his gtx460 at risk, which isn't an option...
    New plan - going to look into using the new PSU to ONLY run the gtx460, and leave the rest of the system running on the existing PSU. Sounds crazy, but it's temporary...
  7. I wouldn't go for a cheap psu, my nvidia cards destroyed a $20 psu in 8 months and if you look at newegg reviews you can see that i was lucky to have mine last that long. If you can scrounge up a hundred, you can get a nice corsair or other reputable 750 watt on sale.
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