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Is this build ok?

Hello guys, you are all pretty dam smart when it comes to computer hardware and ive recently come into some extra money and want to build my own PC. Im upgrading from a dinosaur so anything i get will be a beafy upgrade. Basically im trying to stay in the $500-$700 range. Im also realistic of my setting not having to be maxxed out at this price range.

Purpose: Gaming (mainly WoW and possibly D3 or future MMO tryouts), light websurfing
Res: 1440x900 atm, would like something capable of 1920x1080 for the future
Parts not needed: Moniter (using hdtv in HDMI atm), speakers, mouse, keyboard
Country: USA

Case: Antec three hundred illusion

CPU: amd Phenom ii x4 955 BE

MoBo: AsRock 970 Extreme4

Video: Sapphire Radeon 6870

PSU: Corsair builder series 500W

Ram: G.Skill Ripjaw 2x2gb 1600


HDD: Western Digital Cavair Blue 500g

OS: Win 7 64bit home OEM

Basically im worried about overkill and trying to save some cash, of course if you see anything out of place please let me know and if you see where i can cut some corners let me know. Thank you all very much.

PS: im a retard when it comes to this so be kind.
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  1. A very nice build for the price range actually. Oh and using a HD TV for a monitor is great, I love it. I got a 32" and it's awesome. You WILL be stressing that PSU under load. It should suffice, however. AMD cards consumes much less power.
  2. Almost forgot OC, i dont have any plans for it yet but would like to be able to push it alil when i get more comfortable with that prospect. So is this capable of OC'n or did i miss something? Im so nervous about this and fear making the wrong decision (almost thinking about buying a premade off of cyberpower :( )
  3. Bump for help!!
  4. Bump, id like to get these soon :(
  5. Nothing wrong with it bro. O_O

    Just buy it and be happy.
  6. So no thoughts on if i can safely downgrade anything to save a few bucks with minimal loss to FPS? Also is this PSU going to be ok with a possible OC'n future?
  7. I do have one suggestion. You are spending $120 on the case and PSU.... they are OK choices, but there are far better deals. The CX500 is not a GOOD PSU, just an adequate one. That's not an issue for a budget build, but you can get a similar quality Rosewill PSU in combo with a good case.

    Word is that these new Rosewill HIVE PSUs are Sirfa built. Same as some of the popular OCZ units. They haven't been reviewed just yet but I strongly suspect they are decent, partly modular, 80Plus Bronze units at a good price.
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    The antec 650 green is only $50 [after rebate]

    500 watt is fine for your build with a single 6870 , but if you add another , or OC then the 650 watt gives you the headroom you need
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