First Build, all new parts, scared shitless

Chassis: Coolermaster HAF 932
CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.2Ghz
Memory: 2x2x2x2 Gb
MoBo: ASUS Pro p8p67
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
PSU: Antec EA 750W
with assorted peripherals (mouse, monitor, network card, etc)

So, thats it. That is my first build i have ever begun to build. Last part is shipping (the mobo) and every state it gets closer freaks me out a little bit more that ill damage something putting this all together. I built this for the sole reason of upgrading my current mac (computer on easy mode as ive learned so far) to watch movies, play games, and general online recreation. I plan to overclock the cpu to a safe and stable ghz as well as my gpu. My questions are is this an appropriate build (will some parts slow others down), is this even built to overclock, and ANY suggestions from professional or experienced builders that arnt already covered in any of the million DIY computer building guides (ive read probably 999,999 of them). Also, do i really need that yellow anti static bracelet thing? Some people say its for pu**ies but hey, id rather look one then see my baby shocked to death. Ive considered building this naked on a wood floor to prevent shocks as well (slightly kidding). Thank you for any and all advice.

Hopefully in the past,
My dualcore.
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  1. oh, and i neglected to mention ill be (hopefully) playing Crysis 2, Skyrim, and pretty much most of the graphic and cpu intensive games. I have quite a long list built up from years of being stunted by a mac so i wont bother going into much detail. Lastly, what in the world is the point of a quad core (i7) if game cant even utilize all of them? (or so ive read)

    Thanks again,
  2. First off, Welcome to Tom's! :hello: :hello:

    Next: RELAX! building a computer is not difficult, but you can mess things up if you stress yourself out.

    The antistatic bit isn't really necessary, but cannot hurt.

    having 4 ram stick vs only 2 MIGHT impede your final overclock just a tiny bit (not more than 100 MHz tho)

    Games using quad cores have been slow to develop, but new games will use all 4 cores (WoW, Skyrim, Metro 2033)
  3. thank you so much for your quick reply Screwy, im still well within my rma date for all the components- you recommend switching out the 4x2 sticks with say, 4x2? oh, and they are 1600
  4. 2x4*
  5. I don't see any problems at a quick glance. The only thing that I see omitted is whether or not you bought an after-market cooler and cpu paste. If you use the stuff that comes pre-packed with your cpu, you won't really get too far in your bid to OC.

    Make sure everything is running stable at stock speeds before you go bumping multipliers and such. Also, and this is mostly a personal thing on my end, but don't be tempted to push your video card too far. The damn things run so hot at stock speeds these days, they will start to heat up other components in your rig if you do a high OC on air. If I push my current card to max OC, it LITERALLY heats my office during the winter and my office gets freaking COLD..

    EDIT: Oh, and the static band isn't absolutely necessary, just make sure you touch something metallic every single time before you grab a component. Under no circumstances build the computer on carpet or anything that tends to have a static charge (towels, plastics, etc). 99 times out of a 100 you'll be fine but if you ever forget and fry a ram stick you will /facepalm and be pissed. (and chances are you won't even know you did it, it doesn't take much to fry a ram stick)
  6. lol OC'ing in the office? sounds like i need a new office to work in :) anyways, i did ommit the aftermarket heatsink/fan due to my lack of a measuring tape, which i didnt know i needed /facepalm. In short, ill purchase something once i know how much space i have to do it. Regardless, thank you for your quick glance and ill be extra careful with my (now rma'd) RAM sticks. After some research, I went with the 2x4 Gb as per the previous suggestion.
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