Error 0x80070057 during clean install on new hard drive

I decided to replace my hard drive because it seemed to have viruses that were making it run incredibly slow. I put in a brand new hard drive and proceded to run the Windows 7 Ultimate disk. I got as far as the beginning of the actual installation (after telling it what partition to put it on) and it ran for a few minutes and then I got the errror message 0x80070057. What do I do now?
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  1. Is your hard drive connected through IDE or SATA?

    Can you plug into a different computer and format the drive, then reinstall the hard drive in the main computer and try the install again.
  2. Good News: I formatted the new drive and got to where the installation starts. It did start but - Bad News: I then got the error message 0x80070003. What do I do now?
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