Hi! Im new in building pc, I bought a AMD PHENOM II X4 965 BLACK EDITION...Can you please help me choose a AM3 motherboard that has WiFi connection?...
My budget is $100-150. Thanks in advance!!! :hello:
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  1. I haven't seen any AM3 or AM3+ socket motherboard that has Wi-Fi built-in or included.

    You can easily add Wi-Fi support by buying a Wi-Fi add-in USB or PCIe x1, or PCI device.
  2. Well I don't generally recommend WiFi for a Desktop PC, and instead either a wired solution: CAT-5e/6 or PowerLine; see -

    I'm not aware of any AMD with built-in WiFi, so I'd look at an AM3+ 990FX and add a PCIe WiFi if needed.

    $130 GA-990FXA-UD3 -
    CPU support -
    Phenom II X4 965 125W HDZ965FBK4DGM / HDZ965FBGMBOX
    Phenom II X4 965 140W HDZ965FBK4DGI / HDZ965FBGIBOX

    $28 ASUS PCE-N15 -
    $48 ASUS PCE-N53 Dual-Band Wireless-N600 -
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