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I am buying my computer pieces a little at a time and was just able to connect up an old monitor to one of the video cards. I have two video cards(in cross fire) and the first one(Upper most, if that makes a difference) I connected to didnt project anything on the screen, yet when I connected it to the second video card it worked. I tried to check in bios to see if my video card was being read, but didnt see anything in there that seemed like it. I dont have an OS installed yet, but I want to return the card ASAP if there is a problem. What do you suggest? Thanks.
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  1. Are the cards connected with an SLI bridge? What type of cards are they? I had the same problem once with two different graphics cards in my system, it seems like one works as master for bios output and what not, and the other does nada... Your going to need to install an OS and upgrade drivers to verify if both cards are working completely... Although I guess if you take them both out and plug one in at a time and boot you should be able to verify if they both work.
  2. and when i say SLI bridge I mean crossfire bridge... As you referenced crossfire setup above. My bad...LOL
  3. List your system specs out. Especially what video cards.
  4. No problem and thanks for replying so quickly. I actually posted this twice b/c I registered to the site in order to post this thread. I have 2 6870's in crossfire. I will list everything else too? ASUS crosshair iv MB, AMD ii X 6 1100 processer, Dominator RAM, WD Velociraptor and OZC SSD hard that enough info? I cant think of anything else...Samsung optical drive too.
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    Well first thing to try is to uninstall the 2nd card, and see if the single top card works. If not, put that same card in the 2nd slot and try it. If it still doesn't work, and you've made absolutely certain everything is connected, then you probably have a dead card.

    On the other hand, if it works in the 2nd slot, swap it out for the other card and do the same tests (top and bottom slots). If the top one doesn't work again, you have a bad PCIe lane on the mobo.

    If both cards work on their own in both slots, make sure that you plug them in, power them both, and attach the crossfire bridge. Then you should only get video out of the top card.
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  7. Thanks a lot. I will give that a try.
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