Asus p8Z77 -v premium problem?

I wonder if their might be some problem with the Asus p8Z77 -v premium motherboards. I been trying to decide if I should buy the deluxe or the premium board. Watching the comments on Newegg. The premium board went out of stock and then discontinued.

I sent a request to customer service:

"This product is listed as discontinued. How can I find out if it is just back ordered or is not going to be available any more. If its just back ordered I don't mind waiting. But if it won't be available anymore I'll get one from somewhere else.

It's a new product that has only been available for a few months."

One of their customer service reps replied:

"I show this item has been discontinued. An item is discontinued when we run out of stock and we do not have plans to carry the product again in the immediate future. This does not always mean that an item is gone for good, but it does mean that we probably will not receive more for a while, if ever"

Now I'm not sure what to do. Buy a premium somewhere else. Buy a deluxe. Or avoid the line all together for now.
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  1. It appears that the Premium model had so many features that Asus may have had second thoughts about continuing to build the board. It looks like it retails for over $400 and currently you can get it on

    It looks like one hell of a board. The board also had the Thunderbolt technology on it and it could also be that Asus wanted to make a less expensive board to offer that technology on it.
  2. In early January of 2013 I purchased this MB from Newegg with the disclaimer from Newegg that there was NO REFUND only exchange. The reason I purchased this board is perhaps for the same reason the moderator spoke of. The technology and features could not be surpassed by any competitor. This has to be the best board on the market for the price/features. The onboard MSATA at 32gb, Bluetooth, WIFI, DiGi BIOS, fan controller, 9 SATA ports, OC capability, 4way SLI and several more features make this an awesome board.

    One catch, It installed and worked great for a few hours then crashed...... Newegg did not have one in stock to switch it out, I spoke with ASUS they said they would swap me out, but they did not have one in their warehouse. I was told to send it in and they would repair it, I thought about it and decided to contact Newegg for a refund. They said they would refund it if they could not get it fixed or get me another one. I decided to let Newegg send me a RMA, but the next day after shopping around I could not find a better board. So, I contacted ASUS and asked them to fix the MB. I just received it back today (asus reported bad bios chip) and viola, it is still broke! 40+ days and $450.00 out of pocket I am sitting here looking at a technological master piece that could be too much technology for one board.

    Thank God I have spent enough money with Newegg and have a preferred account, as they are going to stand with me and REFUND my money. I will accept the refund and purchase another MB, not because I don't want this MB because I really do, I'm just just want to finish this system.

    I don't think my experience with this MB would lend itself to approval, and I really wish for my sake that was not the case.
  3. That's about right for Asus's repair quality from my experience.

    Sounds like they haven't improved since the 680i boards.

    I waited for Haswell release, saw how hot the chips were getting and was shocked how much the higher end motherboards come in at (for the UK) and decided to just buy an i7 3770k.

    I've ordered the P8Z77-V Premium. I really hope I don't have these issues.. I'm not going through Asus's absolutely shocking repair service again. If my one is faulty I will RMA it once. If the 2nd one is also faulty I will ask for another board and a refund of the difference.
  4. I've had the p8z77-v premium for 16 months and the only problem I've encountered from it was that the optical audio port wasn't compatible with the Astro A40 headset I had. Otherwise the board has had no hiccups, since :)
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