Which one is Better? GTX 590/580

Hello, what is the difference between GTX 590 and GTX 580? Which one is better for Games?
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  1. GTX 590 is basically 2 580's on one card so it's faster
  2. not 2xgtx580 but 2xgtx570 for sure.but anyways, it is faster than gtx 580.
  3. No,its 2 GTX 580's (downclocked)
    It's got double ROP,tessellation units and core clock
  4. Although, 2 580s, on the other hand, outperform one 590 because of the downclock of the GPUs on the 590.

    Either a single 580 or a 590 would be great for games and a 590 would definitely be better. The more power you have the more you can crank the details, AA, AF, and AA transparency at a given resolution.

    I like the high quality/high performance capability.
  5. i was considering performance wise :D
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