Raised RAM voltage. Now PC wont start.

Hello, I have a bit of a problem. I raised the voltage of my memory from 1.8 to 2.0 volts. I hit save and exit and now the computer won't start. I'm using DDR2-800 RAM, just one stick thats 1gb. I'm not sure how to reset the voltage because I can't get into the BIOS. A solution would be greatly a appreciated, thanks.
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  1. I tried resetting the CMOS battery and jumper, but still nothing.
  2. As was said, removing the battery did nothing. Al so I should mention that It wont boot without the battery (most mobos will start without one). My attempts to reset the CMOS jumper has failed as well. Ive removed everything and put it all back, didn't help. Is it possible that I need a new battery or even a new board. PLEASE HELP (Mists of Pandaria comes out in 6 hours!)
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