EVGA GTX 460 Issue Please help

Hi all,

So... I told my friend to get this card:

EVGA 01G-P3-1366-TR GeForce GTX 460 SE (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit

He installed it in his computer and it worked fine initially. After a week or two his computer would freeze and restart. He would casually be browsing the web or not be doing anything and the computer would shut off and restart with no display. He is running an msi 880 mobo, 8 gskill ram, AMD Phenom II 3.4, and a 500w psu.

Assuming it maybe the power supply, I decided to put his card in my computer. Uninstalled all my drivers and reinstalled the new ones. My issue was a little bit different. It would get to the windows 7 screen and then go black, few seconds after the display would return and then go out after I logged in. The computer wouldnt restart so i would manually restart it. The display would show the mobo screen, windows 7 loader, and the fail at the login.
Im running an asus mobo, 4 gskill ram, AMD Phenom II 3.2, and 600w psu.

Lastly, my card which is this one:

GIGABYTE GV-N460OC-768I GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 768MB 192-bit

Works fine on mine and his.

Im thinking its a faulty gpu... what do you guys think?
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  1. Same card, similar problems, different rigs = dodgy card. RMA time.
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