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Upcoming i5 2500 - case fan help

I'm gonna be purchasing an i5 2500 soon. In the meantime, my case fan has failed and ive done some troubleshooting and it looks like its just a dead fan (been working for about 5 years poor thing)

What cfm or rpm should i look for in a 92mm case fan that will be able to handle the 2500?

I won't be overclocking, and noise isnt a huge deal. But from what i've seen i think id rather avoid the vantec 92mm tornado/hair dryer :sweat:

This looked promising

Thank you.

Quick side note, i'll have the default cpu cooler that comes with the i5.
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  1. Nice fan!
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    the i5 operates fairly cool for a CPU and that fan will do the job (hopefully for another five years)
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