Netgear WNR2000v2 Router Help Setup

I don't have a gateway or modem and i am trying to set up wifii i have the router and my friend did it so i know its possible but i want to know how i get internet to share over wifi. I have an ipod,windows 7 laptop, and vista desktop. I have the verizon internet with usb acess. the vista has the router. I can see the laptop on the desktop but not the desktop on the laptop. Plz help me Get it working maybe a link to step by step or you could just give me a guide yourself. Thx in advance!!!!
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  1. Is this a cable internet service (I'm in London Verizon means nothing here).

    In which case it goes: service to Modem, Modem usually via ethernet cable to Router, Router by wireless to computers.

    If the Verizon modem only has USB get them to send you a proper modem with ethernet connection.

    Read the manual for the router.
  2. i dont have a cable/dsl cable it is usb powered internet you plug it in and connect
  3. if you can get me to at least able to get me and my brother on 2 computers to play games against eachother i will be happy
  4. ".....i dont have a cable/dsl cable it is usb powered internet you plug it in and connect......"

    So you are using Cellphone type internet ? I wonder ?

    To connect the three computers (presumably in the same house or room) connect them by ethernet cable* via the router's ports. Follow the instructions for networking that come with the game but also disable firewalls on all computers and enable file sharing on the appropriate folders on each machine. Check out Windows' Help for further instructions on networking.

    If you want to use wireless, get things working wired first. Wireless is much slower.
  5. yeah it is usb powerd with cellphone 3g internet.
    I want to get wireless internet through wifi shared on my vista computer to the router (the router is on that computer)
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