I7-2700k, i7-3930k or wait for Ivy for gaming?

This is one of the questions I have had for a while. Is there going to be a difference in speed between the 4core Sandy bridge i7-2700k and the 6core Sandy Bridge E i7-3930k and 4 core Ivy bridge for gaming (that is what I care about most)? Also what about the 4core Ivy Bridge with triple gate tech? Do you think it will be worth the wait? I know that at some point very soon they will start utilizing 4+ cores for gaming on a more regular basis. That means a 6core will be better? Even if it's a bit slower in some areas the 6 core might be a better long term investment for gaming? If for gaming there is only going to be a 10% gain over the 2700k then it makes no point to spend more. Man I wish they would not have so many chips coming out so close together. I don't know what to ask Mrs Claus to get me :sol: Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Games do not use more than 4 core. And the few that can use 4 core don't really use them efficiently. "Soon" is probably at least 4 year from now. Most current games use 2 or 3 cores at most.
  2. Right now for gaming you are going to find that very few of them can take advantage of more than 4 threads. For this reason the Intel® Core™ i7-2700K and the Intel Core i7-3930K really won’t show much difference in a gaming environment then what you would get from the Intel Core i5-2500K. So if you took the money that you would have spend on those processor and got a better video card or even a SSD you will find that you get better overall performance then you would have with the other processors. Now if you were doing some heavy multi-media creation the Intel Core i7-3930k would give you better results for that type of work over the Intel Core i7-2700K and the Intel Core i5-2500K.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. +1 intel guy i also have i5 2500k and i save money for good psu and gpu
  4. No need in gaming to wait for Ivy. 2500k, with a modest OC is what you need and hefty graphics card(s) with 3 monitor eyefinity or nvidia surround. That will transform your gaming experience or at least spoil you silly!
  5. Thanks for the great reply's all. I guess I am trying to do some future proofing. It's not what is out today game wise but what is coming out in the next couple of years. If I were to build for what games are out today that would be a piece of cake. I have seen lists of games that use 6 core's that I had no idea about. That makes me feel that they might be just the tip of the iceberg for in the future.

    I have a awesome video card I bought the eVGA 580 GTX Classified 3GB card and a great PSU PC Power and Cooling 750w Quad SLI. I am looking into a SSD drive but I want to figure out what system I am going to build before I get the drive. I guess that's why I'm here lol.

    Just wanted to add my system config

    Intel E6700
    eVGA 580GTX 3GB Classified
    eVGA 780i motherboard
    Zalman 9700 cpu fan
    8gb G.Skill PC8500 ddr2 1066mhz --------> Vista home blocking 4gb. Thanks Vista lol
    Sound Blaster Titanium Fatal1ty Pro series sound card
    PC Power and Cooling 750 Silencer Quad SLI PSU
    Thermaltake Armor class full tower
    Hitachi 500gb HD 7200
    Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium -----> I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on my desk.
  6. if you get sli or crossfire going on 3930k you will get little bit more fps on 3930k..ib or other sb processor you get less.Also BF3 use 6 cores.I test it out
  7. Go for a 2500k. It is the best for all of the games and above is just not needed. You should spend the money on a good Z68 mobo so that when Ivy Bridge comes out you'll be able to put the Chips in that with a BIOS update

  8. The 3930k is like buying a 2700k, adding some cache, then throwing the extra money into a fire, so you can brag about it ;)

    2700k/2600k=SLI beasts
    2500k= Single card/Mid range SLI winner
    LGA 2011 chips= Bragging rights/Workstation performance/Record setters
  9. Other then price, is there any downside to the 3930k for gaming? i want to build a gaming rig, but i may get into heavier rendering, but i don't want to take that route if it hurts gaming performance. that's top priority for my build.
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