System hangs during game play, GPU restarts(?)

Hello. Just updated my profile so hopefully my specs are attached, if not I'll modify this post. Onto the issue at hand:

A few issues, seemingly related. First, my system will hang during game play. This had started with a previous power supply (530w Raidmax). At first I was using a resolution higher than that native to my monitor. Lowering it into the accepetable range reduced this issue. The issue itself is that my monitor will enter a mode in which it is as if there is no input, a black screen. Shortly (1-2 seconds) after this my graphics card fans will spin down to a stop quickly, and then spin back up to speed. Almost immediately after this the input signal is received on my monitor and my image is restored.

In addition to this I am getting artifacting; vertical or horizontal lines that encompass my monitor at times. They last for anywhere from 2-5 seconds. I've also received two BSODS, but haven't been able to note what they said before restarting.

Today I received in the mail an Antec HCG 750w PSU. I got home from work, turned my computer off (noticed no ill errors during my brief use before shut down, however it was just puttsing around on my desktop.) I installed the new PSU and upon boot I had received an error stating that my CPU was overheating. I checked my BIOS and it read 127*C. Then I had removed my CPU, cleaned it, and re applied Artic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Paste using the 'pea and twist' method. Booted, and read same temperature. Advanced into Windows, and furthermore into my desktop as per usual. Noticed no ill errors. Started Speedfan and it read the same 127*C.
(In the days prior to this I had run Furmark to stress my GPU. During these tests (With previous PSU) I would encounter the fan spin down and monitor reset issue.) After checking Speedfan, I ran Furmark to completion without failure. I played a game of League of Legends without any issue for the first 20 minutes. Artifacted (The vertical/Horizontal lines) once, afterwards leaving me able to continue the game. Finished the game and Speedfan read at the same 127*C. To the touch, before gaming, my heatsink had not felt as if my CPU were actually 127*C. After gaming, it felt noticeablly hotter, however still not as if my CPU were that hot. (I use stock CPU cooling, and I admit to know little of how hot it should feel if my CPU were at 127*C.) From this I can gather that the reading of 127*C does not change, even during stressful use.

Onto my questions.

Is the temperature sensor for my CPU malfunctioning? Is my CPU actually that hot? Based off the copper piping for the heat sink it certainly doesn't feel it.

Is my GPU malfunctioning? I've tested with other games and it produces the same results, ableit my other tests were more stress full (RO2.)

All drivers are up to date, however I do not know at this time if my Bios is most up to date.
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  1. Your CPU would have a meltdown before it reached 127C so I will put this on the motherboard. (Plus, 127C would give you an extreme burn from touching the heatsink, granted the heatsink was properly seated on the CPU).

    Anyway, that sounds like a bad motherboard. If you can try the video card in another system that would be great to single out the card not working, but since the temp reads 127C on the CPU, that brings me back to the motherboard.
  2. Tested the GPU on a buddy's system. Failed on his, while his 5770 passed Furmark fine. Had him run a custom game of HoN and he encountered the same errors I was. This solidifies my GPU being faulty. My motherboard has not been remedied. Currently in contact with both companies with regard to the issue.
  3. Glad you found the source of the problem. Let us know how it turns out.
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