Cannot get any kind of video signal to monitor, help

so my buddies computer all of a sudden wasn't sending a signal to his monitor, obviously i think it's the graphics card. first we trouble shoot by plugging his card into my monitor and a no signal popped up. we also swapped out cords. at this point i'm sure the card went to crap so i have him plug the cord into the mobo plug for video output and removed the card and the same thing happened, no signal. so what is the cause of this then?
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  1. Do a few things first. Remove the RAM, clean it and insert it again. Next take out the CMOS (battery) and put it in again. Problem solved! Your computer will work fine as before. Why and how this method works? Sorry, I can't go into full details or explanations. If the Mainboard is damaged, that's another issue.
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