Xfx radeon hd5770 1gb driver issues

ok, i've tried asking on other forums without success. i haven't gotten any responses, even with bumps, in 3 or 4 months lol. im hoping the team here at tom's can help me. i cant seem to update my drivers for my video card. when i update the drivers my video card goes off and doesnt work right again until i reboot in safe mode and roll the drivers back. i have tried using a driver sweeper, tried SEVERAL different sites for the correct drivers. i have even contacted xfx through a tech support ticket and they told me they didn't know what my problem was. my current driver is 8.791.0.0 and i cant update to ANY other driver or my card will just go off. upon installation of the new drivers, the display resets itself to 1024x768, then drops to 800x600, then stops displaying. the card stays running, but stops displaying on all ports. i ran through xfx's troubleshooting guide for display issues (this is where i used the driver sweeper). is what they sent me. i followed these steps to the very last detail and wound up having to use a system restore because i didnt have a working driver after sweeping them out. if someone could help me out, it would be wonderful because i know there have been tweaks and updates done for my card and i am unable to play some games properly because of it.

AMD Athlon X2 7850 black edition kuma (2.8ghz)
ASUS M4A785-M(mobo)
4gb Kingston ddr2-800 platinum series ram
Corsair gaming series 600w psu
ATI Radeon HD 5770 1gb
Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. Have you downloaded the drivers directly from ATI?

    Also, are you overclocking anything?

    Last, have you scanned/cleaned your system for malware with an app like malwarebytes?
  2. yes i've downloaded directly from amd, i've tried the drivers from everywhere and i get the same thing. yes i have done a complete sweep, i spent 80 bucks on pc security software and it cleans all that nonsense out. no, i dont overclock as the catalyst with this driver doesn't work properly.
  3. Have you tried installing only the driver and not Catalyst Suite? You get the driver only on the Individual Downloads tab on the link sent earlier.
  4. You probably need to uninstall the drivers, and the use driver cleaner or driver sweeper to remove the rest of the drivers, then download and install the lastest release of catalyst

    exactly like in the pdf you linked to ...
  5. re-read my first post, i've done everything it tells me to do there. also tried just the driver i always have the same issue, no matter what direction i come from. i've done everything short of a complete system recovery that deletes any and all files on my hard drive and reapplying my OS. just trying to get extra options before i attempt doing this. i was told that it might be being caused by corrupt system files. just to reiterate what i said before, i've followed the exact steps on that troubelshooting pdf (to keep ppl from telling me to follow it), i've tried installing just the driver, the driver with the suite, ALL drivers since my current driver. ALL have given me the same issue...during installation of the driver display drops to 1024x768, then drops to 800x600 then completely stops displaying. fan still running on card when this happens, but i have to reboot and reset drivers to get it work again. :pfff:
  6. one week later, just hoping for some other possiblities before i attempt a clean reinstall of my OS.... *bump*
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