My New Facebook Machine


I just finished putting together a list for my new facebook machine.

I spend hours and hours on facebook everyday and I like to e-stalk teh hot ladies so I need a system that is going to give me the resolution I need.

This is the list so far;
CPU: i7 2600k
MOBO: AsRock Z68 Extreme4
RAM: 8gb 1600 G.Skill Ripjaw
SSD: Crucial M4 128GB
HDD1: Samsung F3 1TB
HDD2: Samsung F3 1TB
GPU1: 1536M GTX580 Asus
GPU2: will get later
ODD: Blue-Ray Writer Pioneer
PSU: 850W Corsair AX850
HSF: Coolmaster 212
CASE: Silverstone FT02B
OS: Windows 7 64bit
MONITOR: Samsung T27A950 27i

I also like to play games on the odd occasion...

Feel free to give me your input on any changes you would make to this build.

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  1. Facefarting on that, you must be drunk!
    Meh, a solid build for games
    Facefarting can run a el cheapo $300 Dell if you want to start saving for your retirement.
  2. as drunk as a skunk!
  3. Why not just grab a projector and then one side of your entire room can be your screen!
  4. I live in a tiny box that only has room for a 27" monitor :(
  5. sad, sad man...
  6. Best answer
    You are going to be able to facebook faster than any other facebooker on earth...

    Save yourself $100 and go with the i5-2500K. The difference between the 2500K and the 2600K is hyperthreading and hyperthreading makes no difference in gaming or...facebooking.
  7. Thanks danraies, I'll look into that!
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