Are these 2600k temperatures too high?

I am using the fan/heatsink intel gave me with the cpu.

To record the temperatures I am using ASUS' AI Suite

When I'm browsing the internet the temperatures are normally around 23-31C

When I'm playing the Sims 3 the tempeature is around 42-50C

I ran this Prime95 torture test and the CPU heat went all the way up to 85C in 2mins, is that normal for a stock cooler?

Also would someone be able to define these terms for me:

Idle - I assume that means just on the desktop with nothing happening?
Full Load - Is this with the CPU running all the cores with maximum usage(100%) - If this is the case then I assume Prime95 was testing the CPU AT 'Full Load' and my cpu temp didn't look like it was gonna stop rising so my full load temp is >85C? That seems very high

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  1. The 85 degrees is not good but the stock cooler is junk and can't dissipate the heat caused by prime95 or a big overclock. Prime 95 stresses the CPU far more then any regular program. The temps during idle and playing games is fine.
  2. With those idle and game temps, prime should not be getting that high. Get cpuz and see what exactly your cpu speed is.
  3. Yes but he's stressing the CPU to 100% with a stock cooler. That's going to create a lot of heat. I did the same thing with a Phenom II on a stock cooler at stocks speed and the temps were dangerously high. Within a half a minute the temps sky rocketed into the 70's and they continued to rise out of control. The only thing that stopped the heat spike was turning the computer off. If I didn't do that it would have hit the high 80's and 90's probably in a minute.
  4. I'd have to agree. I used to run the stock cooler on the i5 760 and the temps were okay for gaming and general use, but would get dangerously high very quickly running a Prime95 test. The stock cooler simply is unable to dissipate the heat generated by running the CPU at 100% constantly, even at stock clocks. The intel and AMD stock coolers don't seem to be adequate for cooling quad cores properly, if you are going to push a quad hard, even without an overclock, you practically need an aftermarket cooler. For the OP, you are fine as long as you aren't going to be running any stress tests or doing any real overclocking. If you want to do those things, get an aftermarket cooler.
  5. You can search the forum if you don't believe me. I'm going to assume his ambient temps are lower than others as you can search and just about everyone with stock hsf is idling around 30-40, gaming 50-60, prime at 70-85. He's getting 10-20 lower at idle and gaming so why is his prime higher than others? Asus mobos have a habit of auto oc you even though it should show up in gaming, you need to cover all your bases.

    I would agree the stock hsf is ineffective. I had mine with stock for about a month, had to turn off turbo as my rendering would just get too hot. Grabbed the 212+ @ $25 and can OC to 4.6ghz @ 65C in prime. I'm still idling the same at 40 with my hot room temp.

    You can't really compare different cpus as they have different heat signatures but I can understand why you guys brought it up to affirm the stock hsf point.
  6. Seems a bit toasty to me, but Prime95 does stress a cpu WAY more then mot programs. As said above, if you plan long term stress or overclocking, best to get an aftermarket cooler.

    If you are on a budget and need a cooler, look at the Coolermaster 212+ as it offers very good price to performance.

    If i remember right, my i5 750 was in the mid to high 70s on the stock cooler.

    I did not even try the stock cooler on my 2600K, but a friend of mine had a 2500K and it had to be into the low 80s with Prime95 load as well. Not gonna lie, the board was pushing turbo harder then stock on its own.

    I undervolted it to drop the temps, then ordered another 212+(for $20 I could not say no) for it. I do not like cpus running that hot when i know he was going to be running this thing fairly hard.

    The cpu does have a built in protection to prevent damage, but it works by slowing it down and if it still gets hotter shutting it down.

    I would at least keep an eye on it(Hwmon works great for that), but remember very few programs will get it Prime95 hot. And wtih boxing day coming up, keep an eye out if you are looking for a cpu heatsink.
  7. the hyper212 plus is only $25 nowadays, do yourself a favor, grab it and sleep easier at night.
  8. getting a aftermarket is a good choice for overclocking.

    Try to reapply paste and remount the hsf and use good quality paste
    stock hsf have capacity to keep temps below 75' at full load

    i tested my stock heatsink without fan and prime95 took around 5minute to make it to 60' and that too without cpu fan (like a passive cooling)
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