Triple Monitor help please!

Hello there ppl,

I am new around here and I need some help with triple montiors! :)

Ok so I have 2 Graphic Cards:

And I want to triple monitor on the main PC. From what I ready though the Graphics card don't support three monitors :( and if that is true is it possible to use the other card in order to use a 3rd monitor or will I have to get a new graphics card?

I don't have any more slots in that mobo in order to add a new graphics card so I will need a new card that will support all 3 monitors and I don't know what I will do with the old card..

Let me know what you think please!

Thank you!
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  1. Sorry, those two cards don't work together if you want to have a single desktop covering all 3 monitors.

    With the Nvidia cards you must have at least 2 cards in SLI configuration as I understand it to get a true 3 monitor setup.

    I cannot speak to the Radeon card, I just have no experience in multi monitor setup or that card in particular even.

    Just to throw it out for consideration though again I have never used it, there is a third party device available that would allow you to use either card I believe in a triple monitor setup. I even saw a review about it here on Tom's hardware. I believe the device is called Matrox Triple Head 2Go. You can check the forums here or loo on YouTube for it. That's where I first saw it in action.

    I beleive a newer Radeon card would allow you to do Eyeinfinity which is a 3 monitor solution. I am sure someone who knows it better will post.

    I am not recommending any solution but just throwing out options. In my personal systems I use Nvidia cards knowing it will take 2 cards to do 3 monitors unless of course I get the highest end card which has support for 3 monitors. (GeForce GTX 590).
  2. The 5670 should be able to do an Eyefinity tri-screen if it has a DisplayPort output.
  3. Yeah AMD eyeinfinity setup
  4. therandomuser said:
    The 5670 should be able to do an Eyefinity tri-screen if it has a DisplayPort output.

    The current card I got doesn't have a DisplayPort output :(
  5. Are you looking to do gaming on all three or just general use?

    If you're looking for general usage, combining any two cards (as long as the drivers don't conflict) will support three displays. The monitors will just show up as connected to different video adapters (i.e. video cards).

    If you want multimonitor gaming (i.e. AMD Eyefinity or NVidia Surround), you'll need the right number and type of cards that support the appropriate software.

    Eyefinity can run on as little as one card with three video outputs (one via DisplayPort), but NVidia will always require at least two cards. If you can 3-way CrossFire/SLI, you can hook each monitor into its own card for maximum performance.
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