Horizontal waves in game and during full screen videos

This has never really bothered me as I always thought it was happening because of the game itself and not because of a piece of hardware but now that I have seen the lines during full screened videos im starting to get a little worried. During games such as Starcraft 2 and Team Fortress 2 I will get a ton of horizontal ripples on the screen. They are not affecting the game in anyway but in darker areas they are quite visible. I have noticed that in Team Fortress 2 enabling v-sync does remove the lines, but when I tried enabling it in Starcraft 2 it looked like there was still a line or two on the screen. While watching full screened videos I also notice that if it cuts to a scene where the background is grey, a few ripples/lines will pop up there as well. Although, While playing League of Legends in windowed the lines appear, but when I switch to full screen they disappear. I am really confused as to what is causing this and was hoping someone on these forums could help. Thanks in advance.

GPU: EVGA GTX 460 SSC edition
CPU: Intel quad 2 core Q9550
Mobo: XFX nForce 750i
PSU: 700-750 Watts not entirely sure
Monitor: Pretty sure its 22-inches

Edit: Forgot to add if its full screened and the screen is black it appears as though the lines disappear. Also, if i am watching a video and it is not in full screen mode, I cannot see any lines.
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  1. I apologize for the quality of the video but whenever I would try to get a screenshot of the game, the picture would always turn out fine with no lines so I ended up having to use my phone.
  2. I have actually solved the problem by switching the VGA cord to an HDMI cord. I have now come across a different problem though. My monitor is supposedly capable of a 1920x1080 resolution but with this new hdmi cord, all the edges are stretched off the screen. When I go to resize it, it bumps the resolution down and makes everything blurry.

    Edit: Found the monitor im currently using and experiencing these issues with.
  3. I get this in a few fast moving games as well. I have always linked this to AA and AF in a lot of my reading, so maybe play with that a bit (turning them up should help, since it looks like you have enough power)... I see it mostly in the menus of DIRT2, as it's all rendered as in-game play, but the racing is all fine.
    I run DVI in DX9 and DX10 to my 1080p monitor at 60hz and still experience this at times when moving quickly, though my GPU is ailing a bit after a couple years of stress, so it could be a lack of power still.
  4. doh, didn't read carefully... jumped on a bit too tired tonight. Well to try to help again, Nvidia's control panel should fix it, under Display>Adjust desktop size and position they have the manual scaling options. DVI to HDMI seems to act funny like that alot.
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  6. Quote:
    try DVI cable?
    if switching from a VGA to HDMI fixed ur previous display problem, it's either the VGA port or the cable, most likely the cable.

    as for ur new problem, try auto-adjust button?
    if u tried stretching with ur monitor's controls before, try it again with Nvidia's driver's control

    Yes this actually fixed it, not the auto-adjust but my monitor was set on some other mode that was causing it too stretch off screen. The only problem now is I hear sort of a weird pop noise from the monitor when I start up but I am guessing it's one of the speakers so not really that big of an issue I dont think. Thanks to everyone who posted in this thread and helped me out!
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