RAM wont run in Dual Channel mode - please help

Okay, I have an older setup that I'm trying to stretch for one more year. I'm doing some CPU upgrades and realized the RAM is only running in single channel mode. I learned this from running CPU-Z. I can see the SPD info on CPU-Z is exactly the same for each slot.

The mainboard only has two slots for RAM so I do not believe it's a matter of placement in the right slots. I have 1gb in each slot. The max is only 2gb on this mobo.

I've verified the BIOS is the most current version. I poked around the BIOS settings to see if there was anything obvious but couldn't find anything.

I have no clue what to do now - any suggestions?

Win XP Pro
HP dx2200 MT
MSI 0A48 mainboard
RAM: Crucial CT12864AA667.M8FJ1
CPU: Intel Celeron 346

Thank you,
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The ATI Radeon® XPRESS 200 chipset is a single channel memory controller (MCC), the newer CPU's use (IMC) Integrated Memory Controller in the form of Dual, Tri, and Quad. Your CPU has no built-in memory controller and relies on the Chipset.

    See your specs here, all are listed as 'single channel' ; link -
  2. agree with the above ^
  3. Great info! Thank you! I'm upgrading the CPUs to intel pentium D 950. I'll double check the specs on that CPU to make sure it has a memory controller that will enable the ram to run in dual channel.

    Will I need to upgrade the chipset or will the CPU upgrade take care of what I need?

    Thanks again!
  4. Pentium d doesn't have a.built in memory controller. You would replace your motherboard to get dual channel memory.
  5. Your cmputer is really old and out of date , you may be better off getting a whole new upgrade of cpu , motherboard and ram. You may end up wasting money by trying to do piecemeal upgrading. You can of course do your own thing but I'm just pointing something out for you to consider and naturaly not everyone has the money to do a big upgrade but if you did it would be worth looking into.
  6. The motherboard specs I found claim that it is capable of Dual Channel RAM:

    ...but the ATI chipset limits the mobo from actually allowing the dual channel to work?

    Also, quick side question - I noticed in the quick specs link that jaquith provided that the HP machine will only handle up to Intel Pentium D 925 - I just ordered 15 of the Pentium D 950s because I looked up the mobo specs. What do you think is more accurate? The HP quickspecs or the CPU support list here?
  7. 15 Pendium D 950's ??? Looking at the spec's of both the 925 and 950 they are very similar and have the same fsb-800mhz , same mfg process 65nm, and the same LGA socket 775 so there is a good chance that the 950 will work. What are you doing rebuilding/upgrading 15 computers?
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    Look at more reliable sources. I cross-checked even a couple Intel MOBO's with the ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 chipset and not a one list 'Dual Channel' ; e.g.:
    Intel D101GGC -
    Intel D102GGC2 -

    Every chipset I can think of including the Intel 845 that's capped @ '2GB' is only single channel.

    Examples of chipset's that do support Dual Channel - Intel: 875/865/848 (4GB), 925/915/910 (4GB), and 975/955/945 (8GB).

    Bottom-line, you wouldn't know or even sense the difference, and all that's relevant and important is that all 2GB of your RAM is being detected. If all 2GB is being detected then you're all 'Aces' and fine.
  9. dude its really simple
    get yourself a new computer cuz you will struggle with fixing the issues of your pc
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  11. Thank you Jaquith! And thanks to all the other replies. This was my first time here and this info was very, very helpful. I spent the last 4 days researching and learned more in a couple hours on here than I did google'ing the crap out of the subject.

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