Finalise my build, Ordering in 2 hours.

The PSU is so big because of I'm adding another 570 later on and i read on another post someone made that the Force GT can be up to twice as fast as the Force 3 Series.

Just want to double check im not wasting any money somewhere or something is there that's not needed before I order. Oh also, how will the SSD benefit me, I understand increased boot times and loading times but will it speed up rendering in sony vegas or increase frame rates with fraps?

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  1. Net Total
    Inc IPT

    didnt get in Screen shot. Thats the full price including VAT
  2. Very nice build indeed :D

    1 Suggestion:
    Unless you specifically picked the colour red for the RAM, grab blue or black to match the motherboard :D
  3. You're buying an SSD and you don't know how it will benefit you?
    I strongly suggest you read the ssd forums before installing your OS.
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