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Hi everyone, first time builder here, I was just wondering what makes a mobo compatible with its PSU, someone told me that some PSU will not work with certain MOBO's, i was wondering if one of you ladies/gentleman could tell me if my is compatible with my
Thanks in advance.
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  1. MOST PSU's will work with MOST mobo's especially in terms of the type of components your looking at.

    Its just the really old PSU's that have only 20pin motherboard power cables rather than the new 20+4pin (24pin) and 4+4 (4 or 8pin) power connections.

    Both that you listed will work fine. 1200w is a huge PSU as well, what graphics cards are you planning on running?
  2. 2 MARS2 graphics cards xD they were on special in japan, bought them back with me lol.
  3. Very nice indeed.

    Will you fit 2 on a standard ATX motherboard? I know they are huge in size and i thought they needed an E-ATX to SLI since they are effectively 4 GPU's...I might be wrong though.
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