Can anyone recommend me a PSU with long cables for my Full-Tower case?

Hello guys, I have a Lian Li PC-P80N that I just bought, and I'm looking for a good modular power supply to go along with it. In case you guys don't know, this case is huge...and since it's a revised version of the original P80, the PSU is mounted at the bottom not the top. So I'm look for a PSU that has long enough cables to go around the back of the motherboard tray (ATX 24 Pin & CPU 4/8 pin). I don't really want to use or buy an extension.

Anyone know any PSU that has great cable length?

P.S. mainly looking for a PSU with 700W - 800W (modular too). Thanks
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  1. rolli59 said:

    Hi rolli59, I was looking for a PSU with longer cables and came across this thread. Out of curiosity is Corsair the only brand that makes the cables that long?
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