Slimmer video cards?

So I am ready to upgrade my video card to a middle high end video card like a gtx 460 or 560. I had already ordered an evga one which I got at a great price, but upon installation, I sadly discovered that the sound card I have installed two slots away from the video slot does not prevent installation, but absolutely totally blocks airflow. I had to return it.

I was recently shown by a friend of mine however that palit makes 460s and 560s that are not the full two lanes thick.

Is the actual heat shield on the card thin enough to have sufficient airflow with a 6 inch long full height card in the very next card slot after the vid card ends? If not, is there any other card anyone else here knows of that could allow me to do this? I have an 8800gt in there right now and that thing isn't even 1 full lane thick. It is 3/8 in wide whereas every card Nvidia or ATI since the GTX200 series has been 1 and 1/2 inch wide. I don't know how anyone could possibly sli two of them, they'd take up 6 card slots.

ATI solutions are welcome as well, I am just used to nvidia cards because they have been the best deal at the time of purchase.
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    Palit cards are perfect for small mobos, hell fits in HP cases. So Im sure the Palit would be at least 1 inch from you sound card.
  2. Just get a single slot card if your worried about it. A dual slot would probably stay cooler due to the better cooler, but its up to you.

    Fastest single slot Nvidia card I saw on Newegg.
    GTS450. $145 shipped.

    Fastest AMD card I saw on newegg.
    6770. $147 shipped.

    I'm not sure at work clock speeds the GTS450 needs to be to get close to the 5770/6770. The 6770 is probably the ever so slightly faster card. I don't think its worth the extra price of a normal dual slot card.
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