Core2 Quad Q6600 Overclocking

Hey everyone. I've posted a few questions on here recently regarding an older tower that I gave up on but led me to creating this tower. Now, everyone says that Core i7's are the way to go but I've asked a few local computer technicians and every single one of them have said they don't offer as much of an improvement over the Core2 Quads and Quads are cheaper to assemble right now so to stick with them. Personally from seeing the numbers and having it explained to me several times over, I've come to that conclusion as well. So as much as I appreciate everyone here I don't really want to see the "You should sell your tower and get a Core i7 it's so cheap and it's worth it!" because I've made my choice. I respectfully ask you respect it. With that, let me continue.

So here's my current set up:

Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.4GHz
4GB DDR2 GSkill 800MHz 1.8v-2.0v
Nvidia GeForce GT 430
Rosewill RV2-600w
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"
2 Coolmax Exhaust fans (not sure of size but they're a lot bigger)
and lastly a Blue Orb II Heatsync
Asus P5Q MoBo

All of this packed into a Cooler Master GLite 430 Black chassis.

Now I was wondering, and I've gotten nothing but good, solid advice from these forums and it's members, would it be safe to overclock the CPU?

I've overclocked it once already following a guide and I had it at a 3.2GHz but the temps were idling between 41-52 Celsius which is a lot hotter than they were before OCing which were between 32 (at idle) and 36(under load) Celsius. I currently use OCZ thermal paste (can't remember anything else about it) but it works like a charm and I've yet to break 42 degrees Celsius at any point.

So again, would it be safe to overclock? Also, would it be worth it to even bother? it's current WEI is 7.1, 7.1, 6.7,6.7,5.9. I kinda like those scores. But would it make a difference? Really? I mainly use it for Minecraft and a few games (Star Trek Online, blah blah) and right now it runs OK but who wouldn't want to squeeze that little extra power out?

I was hoping to OC it to 2.8GHz or 3.0 but I'm not sure what all the settings have to be at. I'm absolutely green when it comes to OCing so I came here for your advice. So how would I do it and is it worth it?
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  1. The important bit is what the load temps are when overclocked. If you are under 60°C then you are fine then again there are better cheap coolers out there than the Blue Orb Today.
  2. I'm not sure what your goal is in over clocking your CPU since you don't state it, but if you're end goal is increased gaming performance you may as well skip it short of treating it as a learning experience. I don't mean to be negative or give you the old "why don't you have the latest and greatest" speach, but that GT 430 is probably what's killing you in gaming. If added fps is your goal you won't see much improvment overclocking your Q6600 without an upgrade in the GPU department as well. As for OC guides on the Q6600...

    Good luck!
  3. I have a Q6600 and the difference in the over clock on my setup was noticeable right away. It seemed the beggest kick when I changed buss speeds. Now, not that I know exactly what or why, but it shaved a good bit from encode/decode of video with Nero and the boot speed is at least 4 seconds faster.
    It's a budget rig from 2 years back, but it still outperforms my friends core i3 on the regular stuff we usually do. Burning DVD's, mild games, Surfing and Serving Video to the other systems in the house. I think the RAM (DDR2 800) is my current limiting factor for going higher. I could go higher now but when I run the Processor Diagnostic tool and load it down, it gets hotter than I like. I know what folks say is safe but I would like to keep this thing around a while so I keep it under 139f. It's rock solid stable. Uptime now is 27days. and I can play Need For Speed Carbon without stuttering video in any other room, where before I clocked it up I couldn't play the game and serve at all without crashing the ARCHOS or stuttering the 360.
    Here is my specs:
    ASRock p43twins1600 (untied overclocking capable)
    2 x 2g DDR2
    1 WD 1tb HDD
    1 Seagate 1.5tb HDD
    Nvidia 9600GSO 1gig PCI-E Video

    Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility
    Version: 4.41.20111201
    Time Stamp: 2011/12/15 03:57:31
    Operating System: 6.1-7601-Service Pack 1
    Number of processors in system: 1
    Current processor: #1
    Active cores per processor: 4
    Disabled cores per processor: 0
    Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Type: 0
    Family: 6
    Model: F
    Stepping: B
    Revision: B6
    Maximum CPUID Level: A
    L1 Instruction Cache: 4 x 32 KB
    L1 Data Cache: 4 x 32 KB
    L2 Cache: 2 x 4 MB
    Packaging: LGA775
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology: Yes
    MMX(TM): Yes
    Intel(R) SSE: Yes
    Intel(R) SSE2: Yes
    Intel(R) SSE3: Yes
    Intel(R) SSE4: No
    Intel(R) AES-NI: No
    Intel(R) AVX: No
    Enhanced Halt State: No
    Execute Disable Bit: Yes
    Intel(R) Hyper-Threading Technology: No
    Intel(R) 64 Architecture: Yes
    Intel(R) Virtualization Technology: Yes
    Expected Processor Frequency: 2.40 GHz
    Reported Processor Frequency: 2.99 GHz
    Expected System Bus Frequency: 1066 MHz
    Reported System Bus Frequency: 1332 MHz
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