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Kicked the wall outlet with my foot and PC died - where to start?

Hi all,

I was using my computer when I bumped the wall outlet with my foot. It made the plug just loose enough to cut off power. When I plugged it back in, the computer won't boot.

The power button works and the fans spin up; the system even powers down when you hold the power button for five seconds. There is no beeping from the PC speaker, even when I remove RAM, video card, or CPU.

I'm going to start replacing parts, starting with either the power supply or mobo. Does anyone have a guess which I should do first? I'm thinking PSU.

Or... does anyone have some magical trick that might revive the whole thing? (/crosses fingers.) I already tried the CMOS clear jumper...
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  1. Try another wall outlet.
  2. davcon said:
    Try another wall outlet.

    I already switched plugs (and smacked myself for not doing it earlier...)
  3. grivo242 said:
    I already switched plugs (and smacked myself for not doing it earlier...)

    Problem solved then?
  4. No -- now the computer won't POST regardless of which outlet it's plugged into. It has power because the lights come on and the fans spin up, but it does not POST or emit any any beep codes.
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    Reset the cmos, could have corrupted config.

    PSU could have fried enough to stop giving out enough juice.

    Worst case, could have blown the motherboard.
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  7. Thanks das_stig. I reset the CMOS -- I had to take out the battery while shorting the jumper, which I didn't do the first time around. Everything works! I thought for sure I was gonna have to spend some $$$
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