what SCSI ?

Hi all
I'm asking this question because I could not find an
Answer at storagereview.com
I’m installing a new server and need the get SCSI disk for
My 29160 SCSI card.
I'm not sure which of the disks are better and faster...
1. SEAGATE-ST336704LW 36 GB Cheetah 10000RPM Ultra 160
2. IBM -DDYS-T36950N 36.7 GB 68Pin LVD 10000RPM Discavery
At my place the IBM is expensive than the Seagate

Any ideas?

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  1. The Seagate X15 hard drive is a 15K RPM drive and it's the fastest drive available. Of the two drives you listed though, I would say the IBM is a better drive. IBM drives are known for their high quality and usually worth the extra money.
  2. I previously had a Seagate 10K drive. I upgraded to a Quantum Atlas 10k II and prefer it to the Seagate.

    I was very tempted to go with the Seagate 15K, but decided to wait for the second release which will probably be ~20% faster than the first iteration based on my experience with Seagate drives over the past few years.
  3. Ive been considering a new HD for awhile now..still cant decide if im going IDE with the new IBM 75 GXP, or SCSI. One thing i have picked up in my travels tho, is the 15k Cheetah has gotten bad reviews. From all ive heard the heads were not updated for it, nor the software..they just built smaller disks so they could spin them faster. Yeah the seek times went way up (err down hehe), but in general it seemed to get a resounding thumbs down everywhere i looked. As far as ive heard, the Quantum Atlas II seems to be getting the best reviews, by pros and neophytes alike.
    I did write a note to Toms asking them to do a review of it, also noting that in there past articles about the newest SCSI`s out there, the Cheetah wasnt even mentioned.


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  4. The only thing I will say about my Atlas II, as Tom said in his review, is that it does vibrate a lot! If you get one, make sure you have a sturdy well-braced case. In my full tower, it isn't the drive which is loud, but rather the subtle vibration it induces into the sides of the case!

    The initial review at http://www.storagereview.com/ looked pretty favorable towards the Seagate 15k; the only test in which the Quantum won they said was rather outdated... but for the $, I am plenty happy with the Quantum for now. I would bet a Canadian nickle that the later generations of the 15k will be the ones to have by a long shot; always quieter, less vibration, and much better speeds...
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